Individual Items

Bifold Inline Door - Available in hydraulic or manual


Palpation Cage

palpation cage.jpg

Heavy duty construction allows of years of trouble free use.  The side doors of the palpation cage are fully sheeted so as not to impede the flow of cattle when working.  2 doors allow full access to both side of the handling system along with easy to use, off set, slam latches that catch without fail, keeping everyone safe!  Incorporate the palp cage behind the chute to make preg checking or castrating low stress, or even in a load out system to allow quick access to the follow the cattle in.

Diversion Module

Diversion module.JPG

Three way Sort- Hydraulic or manual

3 way sort new.JPG

Pentagon diversion gate

Pentagon 1.JPG

scale cage

6x8 scale cage.jpg