Featured Product

Cattle Squeeze Chutes 

  • Hydraulic
  • Manual includes self catch headgate

At Stampede Steel we focus on developing equipment that is safe for the handler as well as for the livestock.  Our equipment works with the natural tendencies and instincts of the animal.


Featured Product

Crowding Tubs

  •  Full 180° Standard Crowding Tub

  • .Full 180°Double Pivot Gate package

  • 360° Reversible Crowding Tub

The Stampede Steel Crowding Tubs will handle any workload!

This heavy duty design is guaranteed to stand up to the test. 


Featured Product

Alley Systems

  • “S” curve alley 
  • Straight run alley
  • Double lead in alley

Stampede Steel’s open sided alleys are available with or without catwalks. And  use the natural flight zones of the animals to create forward movement and flow.  All alleys open full width to 31” and will narrow down to 16” to accommodate all sizes of animals from calves to large bulls.



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